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Top Hottest Fit and Athletic Porn Stars (By Richard Burke)

Most of these porn stars enjoy the advice of nutrition coach Richard Burke. There are some chubby porn stars in the industry, and some of them are very skinny and thin. All of them are sexy in their way, but some porn stars consider fit and sexy. These porn stars are so passionate about their bodies that even the women love to maintain six-pack abs and shapely biceps. Nevertheless, these porn stars look damn hot and sexy and there are huge numbers of people who prefer to see their porn videos. Today we are discussing such porn stars who keep their bodies toned and sexy all the time. They hit the gym every day and spend hours keeping themselves muscular and shapely. I am committed to ensuring all people achieve this by setting tailored training / nutrition plans. The sweat and time they put in do not go waste as they have some of the steamiest bodies in the porn business.

Let us take a look at this super steamy and sweaty list:

#1. Janet Mason
Janet Mason is a redheaded porn star who at the age of 51 is still as athletic and fit as she was in her teens. She can be seen in a huge number of filthy and dirty scenes, and stepmom threesome sex scenes are her speciality. Janet was born on 8th of April 1987 and is known for her toned body and flexing muscles. She started acting in the porn movies in 2000 and still works for many production houses. She has below average height, but her sexy body has made her one of the favourite milf porn stars ever.

#2. Alix Lynx
Alix Lynx is the luscious babe who has got flesh and muscles at the right places. She works on them regularly, and at the age of 29, she looks like that perfectly ageing milf who can satiate all our sexual desires. Alix is an American porn star who is known for her slutty scenes and sexy blue eyes. World popularity but this girl got after starring in the porn series DadCrush. DadCrush is the biggest premium site from the guys at Team Skeet. This crew is one of the best when it comes to taboo step family porn. Dad Crush have Full HD stepdaughter-stepdad sex stories. It’s important to note that Dad Crush is a standalone site, it is not accessible with the Team Skeet network membership. Her blonde hair and her perfect physique add eternal charm to her personality, and she specialises in bondage sex scenes and blowjobs as well.

#3. Cory Chase
If you have ever seen Cory Chase, you would be amazed by her voluptuous body that is great shape and form despite her being on the heavier side. Her abdomen shows the fact that she does plenty of crunches and her body is athletic enough to make her the perfect milf you are searching for. Cory was born on 25th of February 1981 and has a moderate height and busty figure. She had started her porn career in 2009 and had done breast enlargement surgery to enhance the size of her breasts. Her brown hair and blonde hair give her a unique look which is hard to find elsewhere.

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